[BOOK] TAXI GANG in new book: Street Art and the War on Terror: The Images of Opposition

Good news! I just received this email:

Hi Alex,

That book on Graffiti that requested a few of my photos has
come out and yours is included.

I have to start with a few apologies since they actually
did not credit your work and I told them all the details.
Likewise the text that goes with all of the images is...

Well, not very good, like the book that is a bit
pretentious and simplistic. It is still a good selection of
street art but not the one it pretends to be and certainly
narrow in the selection. For instance my photos are the
only ones representing DC, which I find really limiting.

Anyhow, this is the pict that you will find there:

And the book is here:
Street Art and the War on Terror: The Images of Opposition: How the World's Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq War

I've also thrown a brief review (in Spanish) and may do an
English translation: http://daquellamanera.org/?q=node/337


Daquella manera

Following is a poorly translated [babelfish] version of the above mentioned review:

"street Art and the war against the terror" is I title of a book that compiles global samples of street art during the administration Bush in the United States and critics with its policies. After the subtitle "as the best artists of the graffiti said not to the war in Iraq" it offers so much an interesting sample as some lagoons in his exposition.

In the book I am involved like author with the four images that I have donated of Washington DC. And while I feel been thankful whenever I have the opportunity to diversify the representations of this city and to offer something of its more complex and distant reading, also is certain that those are many that as much look for perspective common in their documentation of the city like in their artistic interventions. In fact it is a flattering but uncomfortable surprise that DC has been only represented through my photos.

Many cases of grouping to all the samples under a direct protest against the call "war against the terror" and the war and occupation of Iraq one becomes a heavy exercise of generalization. An exercise that hides obvious shades and not so obvious, as ramillete of protests that more are related to anticapitalist feelings, aspects of the American culture, or critics to the contemporary idiosyncrasy, that related explicitly to the effective American government. In the same way, the texts seem not to be writings in relation to the authors of works, nor in relation to the authors of the action as those of the photography in if. This generates therefore a text generic, often gratuitous that responds to the personal reflection of Xavier Tápies, publisher to the position of that aspect. They are commentaries that they often look for to illustrate images that do not need it and worse still many are the conclusions on the represented thing that they do not correspond with the local context. It is thus largely in the images of Washington and in that sense it would add to double value the idea of offering the image without other people's narrative instead of generating a filling forced.

The complica problem when it seems that the name of the photographer with the one of the artist is mixed in the credits who exerted the action, thing that in cases can represent the same person but who frequently it is not it. In the same way there are many anonymous works that with the suitable time and dedication could have been assigned to artists and local movements. It happens for example with this image that has been created by Gang Taxi, and thus I let it know to the publishers although the work appears finally like anonymous.

Perhaps these are publishing problems, but they comprise of a proud publishing strategy and until sensationalist who nonaid to which it would have to be the essential intention of the book: to approach the street artistic representations that look for a social trasformación, trasformación in the context of the answer to the recent global policy. But it is that arrogance the one that allows to read that we are before "the best artists" or like the publisher is been present "in all the significant magazines underground of London and Berlin" to the point of which it seemed that the one is he that legitimizes the magazine if it appears in them and the others did not have importance. In the same way that in the perhaps smaller aspect of the technique we are not solely before graffitti but before a quite diverse number of ways to make art in the public surroundings.

It is an unfortunate subject because the book in last instance is recommendable to give a look to an interesting selection of images, that although do not adjust to which the book tries to present/display, if it offers a sample of the energy and variety of voices of a political and dissonant art. An art that remembers in paper archives, and is more alive in digital surroundings but that there are to look for and to do in the street.

[VIDEO] Polar Bear withdraws his money from B of A

Thanks to Nik for posting this originally.

Polar Bears for Solutions to War & Global Warming have decided to withdraw their money from Bank of America because of their continued support for the coal industry. Music by Joe Bataan "Chick-a-Boom" - (Chris Joss Remix) available on ESL Remixed: The 100th Release Of ESL Music. Filmed on location in Washington, DC in Adams Morgan and spliced with footage from a Citigroup coal demonstration.

did you see this polar bear clip yet?

Polar Bears dance by the door of the Longworth Building on Capitol Hill - October 22nd, 2007.

[DC] DC51 Artist Collective this Saturday at X Party 6-10pm

DC51 Artist's Collective will be selling our one-of-a-kind clothing, ties and accessory designs and artwork at the spectacular X Party this Saturday at BeBar from 6 to 10 p.m.

Come check out the latest designs by TAXI GANG, DECOY, OWEL, and RVLTN. Even get one of your pieces of clothes 'live stenciled' at the event.

Support the arts.


[DC] Bossa Brazilian Halloween this Wednesday (with urs truly)

Hope to see you! Halloween is always an excuse to play crazy records that I never get to play, so come hear the madness.

I will be bouncing back and forth between there and the invite-only Last Annual Porn Party at Bourbon. If you don't have an invite, sorry; but come to Bossa cuz you don't need one!



[DC] Halloween Movie Night - Sunday! (Luv, Radio CPR 97.5FM)

Support your community.
Be a part of your community,


The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: dj KerO!
Date: Oct 28, 2007 12:47 AM

Radio CPR is sponsoring a Rooftop Halloween Movie Night this Sunday!
In the mix is Charlie Brown's great pumpkin caper, followed by Shaun
of the Dead's crackup zombies ... atop one of DC's most loved
residential rooftops (with panoramic views galore)! *_*

What: Double Halloween Movie Rooftop Night-O
When: Sunday, October 28
Times: 6:30p It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (for kids of all
ages); 7:30p Shaun of the Dead (for big kidz)
Where: Rooftop @ 1736 Columbia Rd (rain/wind backup at La Casa in Mt
Why: Radio CPR Fundraiser... and for Halloween!
Bling: $8 suggested donation

CPR Brings: Treats for all you trickers! Candies, cookies, popcorn, apples

You's Bring: Drinks/eats (donate goodies to our treat bar!), warm clothes,
warm blankets, seats/cushions, someone to cuddle, maybe some tricks of your
own too.

Hope to see you under the stars!

With luv,
Your Community Powered Radio Station

Radio CPR 97.5FM *_*

[VIDEO] no war, no warming

The Polar Bears Arrive

The Polar Bears Get Pissed

The Polar Bears Get Arrested

Chief Low Dog

Chief Low Dog

Xunka Kuciyedano

This powerful and respected warrior, born in 1846, became a war chief at age 14. In 1876 he joined Sitting Bull's war party on the Little Bighorn. A Minicauju Chief; he fought against Reno and Custer; his full brother was killed in the battle. Low Dog's account of the battle is one of history's best known.

"At the time we Oglalas had no thought that we would ever fight the whites. Then I heard some people talking that the chief of the white men wanted the Indians to live where he ordered and do as he said, and he would feed and clothe them. I was called into council with the chief and wise men, and we had a talk about that. My judgement was , why should I allow any man to support me against my will anywhere, so long as I have hands and so long as I am an able man, not a boy. I said, Why should I be kept as a humble man, when I am a brave warrior and on my own lands? The game is mine, and the hills,and the valleys, and the white man has no right to say where I shall go, or what I shall do. If any white man tries to destroy what is mine,or take what is mine, or take my lands, I will take my gun, get on my horse, and go punish him." (cannot find source or verify)

I called to my men: 'This is a good day to die: follow me'...As we rushed upon them the [soldiers] dismounted to fire, but they did very poor shooting. They held their horse's reins on one arm while they were shooting, but their horses were so frightened that they pulled the men all around and a great many of their shots went up into the air and did us no harm.

Low Dog

bob marleys son and haile selassies grandson

were in the belmont house last night ... singing together

Mr Rohan Marley, Jah Rootz, Kelly, part of me

Haile Selassie's grandson

Kelly, Mr Marley, Nicole, Andreja

[DC] Belmont House Party TONIGHT // with DJ Alex Gold

Hey hey hey, There is a party tonight at the infamous Belmont House, and I'm spinning records. Come through and say 'Hi.' All night long ....

1830 Belmont St NW
Adam's Morgan

The unofficial after party for Hirshorn, etc. The official afterparty for bartenders in DC when they get off work.



Rohan Marley checked into the I.C.U. last night!

Y'all missed a surprise of a lifetime ....
a short set by Rohan Marley on drums and vocals including Jammin at the end of I.C.U.s set ... alongside Rootz and Zeebo

Give thanks and praises indeed.


[DC] I.C.U. this Thursday at Bossa//with DJ Alex Gold

Opening DJ set by Alex Gold

And if you haven't already, please add I.C.U. to your friends.

[DC] Benefit 4 Peru Quake Survivors//TONIGHT

Check this out. Maybe make a donation either way?


----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: 97.5 RADIO CPR
Date: Sep 1, 2007 11:39 PM

[DC] HOUSEssion One Off Party at Bossa 8.31.07

Join Navbox for a night of house, tech-house and minimal at Bossa in Adams Morgan, Friday Aug 31st, to celebrate the end of summer and a new beginning.

Jay Prouty will be joining us from Boston, Mass and has been a staple of the Boston nightlife scene for years playing alongside the world's best. He has recently launched Taste, aimed at bringing the latest sounds in house and techno to Boston. We are delighted to have him join us and look forward to hearing his sounds.

Measax and jeffrey.s have recently released several tunes on the New York label, Stirsound. The talented two will perform a special live set consisting of purely original material.

Moe Seraj has been DJing for eight years and has held a residency at Dragonfly for the last three years until its recent closure. With an upcoming residency and recent track production the future looks bright for Moe.

Some more 411 about 8.31:

Our night at the MoCo fair ... and demolition derby [PICS]

Ah yes, growing up in Montgomery County was like living in pleasantville, but it took an invite from some friends and the promise of ironic photos and blogging to get me to 'pop my cherry' at this here country fair.

Fun was had, cars were destroyed, bad food was eaten, mullets were spotted, and arrests were made.

See your yourself. =)

Link to story: http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/caughtintheflash/photos-montgomery-county-fair/

[ART] Neither Sly nor Robbie ...

While 'Googlin' myself last night, I came across this person's blog.

It felt good to know some people are documenting our transient environment, and the art that is a part of it.


Washington Times article about 'X' at BeBar (includes me)

Recently, I participated in this event as one of the "competing designers." This month my friend Cesar participated and won the event!

Cheers to Graham for inviting Cesar and I to pariticpate.


Article published Jul 20, 2007
X marks the next hot spot

July 20, 2007

By Jenny Mayo - It's 6 p.m. on a lazy summer Saturday. There are still prime daylight hours to be relished, ideally on a patio or poolside with a burger in one hand and a Bud in the other — yet, a handful of twenty- and thirtysomethings has opted to forgo the day's last rays and instead loom around the darkened bowels of a lounge in Northwest called Be Bar.

Their reasons for doing so vary, although they all spring from the letter "X" (and no, not in the naughty sense). That's the short-and-sweet name of the monthly party they're either investigating or participating in — a party that bills itself as a "21st-century live-art happening."

The house cocktail is a blend of graphic designers, DJs, dancers, multimedia manipulators, visual artists, and makers of apparel and handicrafts (the "art" part) who've been chosen to showcase their skills, mostly in improvisational bouts (the "live" part).

Other bars, boutique galleries and one-off's around town (Hirshhorn After Hours and Starscape, for example) have some of these ingredients, but rarely does one recipe pull them all together, which makes X's combo feel all the more fresh and distinct.

Here's what the concoction tastes like on this particular Saturday in June: Three graphic designers are huddled at what looks like a kitchen table, creating original artwork on their laptops based around three random words ("obesity," "orbit" and "omnipotent") that someone called the "curator" has just delivered. Above their workstation is a projection screen where patrons can watch their work, mouse-click-by-click. (Is that a doughnut or an eyeball? Oh no — is that Paris Hilton?)

My design for X at BeBar, mentioned in the article.

In an alcove hiding behind the bar, a gentleman is blackening out segments he's sketched on a large piece of paper while a young woman next to him talks up her felt critters, cutesy earrings and mustache-shaped pins to an admirer.

Atop an elevated area to the rear of the venue, a musician is splicing together trippy beats in front of a large screen that's pulsating with abstract images.

Once the crowd has thickened a bit, a tribal belly dancer will also mount the stage periodically to writhe around — at one point with a gleaming sword atop her head.

Meanwhile, some patrons are engaged in a doodling game called Exquisite Corpse where, without looking at each other's segments, one person draws the head, another the torso, and another the legs of a body. Given the surreal forms produced (they're taped to the wall upon completion), it sounds about right when someone mentions that the concept was invented by surrealists in the 1920s.

Like the drawings produced in this exercise, X itself is a hodgepodge. Its eclectic elements don't mesh together smoothly and seamlessly like a martini. Instead, they're more like a chunky smoothie where each gulp produces slightly different effects; sometimes it goes down easy, a delight, while other times, it might taste odd or not to one's personal liking.

After a full serving, though, patrons get the gist of what the experience is all about.

In some ways, it resembles an early-era hip-hop party: a gathering of artistic minds working in different disciplines who celebrate their right to create; who vibe off one another; who draw inspiration from their urban environment; who employ and push the capacities of new technologies; who hopefully entertain a few people; and, perhaps most importantly, who have the potential to create a new dialogue between creators and consumers.

"It's breaking down barriers between the normal, everyday population and artists and their craft and the skill behind it," says David Fogel, who conceptualized X and co-founded 88, one of the groups that produces the evening.

That's important because "the artistic community in general in D.C., it's almost like it's underground," says Be Bar co-owner Michael Watson. "You don't realize all the creative talent here in the District because there are so many other things that are in the forefront — politics, for example."

Beth Baldwin, a fulltime prop designer for the Shakespeare Theatre Company who peddles felt creatures and other goodies on the side, was particularly struck by the dialogue she witnessed as a vendor at last month's X.

"Everyone was asking a lot of questions about me and what I do," she says. "I really like that it's not just an evening where you'd drag along three friends and sit alone in a bar; you intermingle, which is unique in this city."

Mr. Watson says that some people would prefer to maintain the status quo, however. Be Bar, which typically caters to a homosexual clientele, draws in a slighty different demographic on X nights: mostly straight, young, creative types. "There are a lot of ideas as to this separation of the art community," says Mr. Watson. "Some people react negatively."

Dave Gutierrez, founder of the event's co-producer Flavored Layers, is helping engineer an online component for X (www.xindc.tv) that he hopes will expand the event to other cities, secure more work for participating artists, and provide additional online-only entertainment and arts content (even Web TV).

For now, though, X isn't likely to attract a crowd of 1,000 at Be Bar. For one, the sleek, modernist lounge wouldn't hold that many. Also, as Mr. Fogel points out, the party and its products aren't really manufactured for mainstream appeal. "It's fringe," he says.

Ultimately, numbers seem less important to him than the impressions people take from this "happening."

The next X is tomorrow from 6 to 10 p.m. at Be Bar (1318 9th Street NW; 202/232-7450; www.bebardc.com).

[BALTIMORE] Anonymous Rage art show (includes DECOY)

DC's own street artists DECOY and Kelly Towles are two of the featured, and in my humble opinion best, artists in a new art show in Baltimore called Anonymous Rage.

There is a brief article in the Baltimore Sun about the show.

Here are some of DECOY's pieces, including a mural she painted on site:

Go see it.

Support the arts.

Much love.


[DC] Shahid and Alex B-Day Blowout // this Saturday Nite!

Hope to see you at the Belmont House party of the summer, to help Shahid and I celebrate our birthdays (both 7/22)!

We will rockin and rollin late into the night, so please come through. Much love.


[DC] Sparky's Espresso Cafe is closing!

Apparently the rumors are all true! Sparky's Espresso Cafe is shutting down. There is an article about it on BYT.

Be sure to see DECOY's art exhibit when Sparky's reopens temporarily on June 28th and 29th. Contact me if you see something you want to buy, or commission.

So long Sparky's, and thank you for everything you have done for our community.


[PICS/ARTICLE] Wonkettes FAGGOT: THE PLAY Fundraiser Wrap Up

Thanks again to Sheldon for having me! Apparently, Wonkette covered the fundraiser that Eric Hilton, Neil Payne, Rachid, and I DJ-ed last night. I enjoyed the event a lot, and met many great people.

Wonkette Article :: Liz Gorman's Photos

Shout outs to Nikolas and Erin H. for coming out!


[DC] Sunday Art and Music Happenings ft. ME!

Sunday 3-5 PM: DECOY and TAXI GANG (me) will be be representing the new DC51 Artist's Collective by selling art and our hand-printed clothing at Mount Pleasant Plaza, 3166 Mount Pleasant Street NW

Sunday 630 PM: I'm DJing at a fundraiser for FAGGOT: THE PLAY, alongside Eric Hilton from
Thievery Corporation and DJ Neil Payne. Some of my art may also be displayed at this event.

Sheldon came out for X at BeBar (big ups!) ... and decided the approximate sets for tomorrow:
630~8 Alex Gold
8~10 Neil Payne
10~12 Eric Hilton
12~1230 Alex Gold
1230~?? Rached

Born in Pawley's Island, South Carolina, Sheldon Scott comes from a family of Class Clowns. He spent 4 years as a substance abuse and sex-offender therapist, till he decided to pursue the dream of becoming a waiter. He's an aspiring actor and storyteller, but as of yet, as he says, he "hasn't been in shit, hasn't produced shit, and ain't about shit either." He goes on to say "The play is called FAGGOT, and its a one man show written, produced and performed by yours truly. It will be in the 2nd annual Capital Fringe Festival, 7/21, 7/24, 7/25, 7/28, 7/29. More details to come."

[DC] Mingering Mike art show THEN Karina LIVE 2nite!

Join us as we celebrate Mingering Mike and his amazing career!

All of Mike's work will be on display and Mike himself will be there to sign copies of his book.

Book signing: 4:00 - 6:30
Reception: 6:30 - 8:30

1515 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005

Two other openings tonight in the same building: Lisa Marie and Jose Rulz


Karina from Thievery Corporation LIVE at Bossa
with Navid (Neda's bro) spinning tech-house for your pleasure
BYOH (H = Helmets ... ask Neda why ;=+ )

[ART] did you check out LOLmaps.com yet?

Check out my friend Nik's new project ... caption below inspired by TAXI GANG ;=)

its mah nue baebee:

[ART INSIDE] Doing it, and doing it, and doing it well

I'm kind of wary of street art being taken out of context as grist for the gallery mill, but DAMMIT its rilly hard to make a living by putting art in places you were not asked to. Trust me. Some JUXTAPOZED goodies that caught my attention fa sho.


DC's own Mark Jenkins (of tape people fame) made the leap from street to storefront and was just selling new work at a really cool-looking solo show in London ... Big ups, Mark! BTW, what does that "circle A" stand for? I've been seeing it all over DC lately ... nod.

Mark Jenkins new jawns


Group art is like group sex. It can be fun ... or a disaster ... but it sure is fun to find out either way.

Anyone with some skills wanna join in on a new group art project in DC that I'm pulling together?

Get inspired by the Freedom Project


Much of the work in this show called Eleven looks like Banksy Jr. to me (and NOT in an awwwww isn't Banksy Jr. is soooooo cute kinda way), but I am really diggin this piece:


And last, but not anywhere near least, CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME. Don't it though? At least this show delivers some cred on that title ... all proceeds went to a scholarship fund.

Any philanthropists, bar or nightclub owners, or other potential patrons out there getting any ideas? If not, I have loads of them for us to explore.


Oh yeah, hope you enjoyed! This post has taken me the last few hours to create, so pretty please (with a spray-painted cherry on top) comment if you are diggin -or- hatin on this work, or wanna join in the fun on some new projects. Okay, back to making some art that will be seen on a corner near you really soon.



BYT relaunched today! [check it]

One of the best DC-based Web sites I have seen in many, many moons -- http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/ -- relaunched today, with a new design and format.

This has become one of my favorite sites to check out for music, arts, and culture.

Congratulations Svetlana and the whole BYT crew!


----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: brightest young things
Date: May 4, 2007 9:03 AM

there was NO sleep involved last night,
but we are proud to bursting
(and still working on some minor details)


it is up. up and away.

LET us know whether it makes you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as it does us:


and see you tomorrow at the party.

[MP3] FREE Michael Franti & Spearhead LIVE at 930 club

Hi. I had the pleasure of going to this show, and the fundraiser Michael did afterwards for Iraq Veteran's Against the War. Enjoy!

Note: You can (PC) right click or (MAC) control+click to download free MP3s from the Flash player below.


This was the promotion I worked on with Catalyst Campaigns and that was illustrated by DECOY ink:

Benefit for Iraq Veteran's Against the War
Screening of Michael Franti's film I Know I'm Not Alone plus
A special live acoustic set by Michael Franti & friends
after his sold-out performance with Spearhead at the 930 Club

Friday, March 16th, 11 p.m.
Suggested Donation $25
(100% of donations go to IVAW)
Busboys and Poets
14th & V Street NW
Washington, DC


Nearly $5,000 was raised for IVAW that night, but of course feel free to donate.



DECOY show nuggets

Many of you came to my Hospital for Horses and Dogs show including DECOY and BJOO, Sunny Daze, Maureen, and Sarah LaCoche last year....

DECOY, Nik Schiller, with BJOO on the decks

Sarah LaCoche sang and played



Improv theater in the alley

I hope many of you come to Sparky's next Wednesday too. Also, first Hospital for Horses and Dogs event announcement coming very soon.