[DC] Bossa Brazilian Halloween this Wednesday (with urs truly)

Hope to see you! Halloween is always an excuse to play crazy records that I never get to play, so come hear the madness.

I will be bouncing back and forth between there and the invite-only Last Annual Porn Party at Bourbon. If you don't have an invite, sorry; but come to Bossa cuz you don't need one!



[DC] Halloween Movie Night - Sunday! (Luv, Radio CPR 97.5FM)

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The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: dj KerO!
Date: Oct 28, 2007 12:47 AM

Radio CPR is sponsoring a Rooftop Halloween Movie Night this Sunday!
In the mix is Charlie Brown's great pumpkin caper, followed by Shaun
of the Dead's crackup zombies ... atop one of DC's most loved
residential rooftops (with panoramic views galore)! *_*

What: Double Halloween Movie Rooftop Night-O
When: Sunday, October 28
Times: 6:30p It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (for kids of all
ages); 7:30p Shaun of the Dead (for big kidz)
Where: Rooftop @ 1736 Columbia Rd (rain/wind backup at La Casa in Mt
Why: Radio CPR Fundraiser... and for Halloween!
Bling: $8 suggested donation

CPR Brings: Treats for all you trickers! Candies, cookies, popcorn, apples

You's Bring: Drinks/eats (donate goodies to our treat bar!), warm clothes,
warm blankets, seats/cushions, someone to cuddle, maybe some tricks of your
own too.

Hope to see you under the stars!

With luv,
Your Community Powered Radio Station

Radio CPR 97.5FM *_*

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