Chief Low Dog

Chief Low Dog

Xunka Kuciyedano

This powerful and respected warrior, born in 1846, became a war chief at age 14. In 1876 he joined Sitting Bull's war party on the Little Bighorn. A Minicauju Chief; he fought against Reno and Custer; his full brother was killed in the battle. Low Dog's account of the battle is one of history's best known.

"At the time we Oglalas had no thought that we would ever fight the whites. Then I heard some people talking that the chief of the white men wanted the Indians to live where he ordered and do as he said, and he would feed and clothe them. I was called into council with the chief and wise men, and we had a talk about that. My judgement was , why should I allow any man to support me against my will anywhere, so long as I have hands and so long as I am an able man, not a boy. I said, Why should I be kept as a humble man, when I am a brave warrior and on my own lands? The game is mine, and the hills,and the valleys, and the white man has no right to say where I shall go, or what I shall do. If any white man tries to destroy what is mine,or take what is mine, or take my lands, I will take my gun, get on my horse, and go punish him." (cannot find source or verify)

I called to my men: 'This is a good day to die: follow me'...As we rushed upon them the [soldiers] dismounted to fire, but they did very poor shooting. They held their horse's reins on one arm while they were shooting, but their horses were so frightened that they pulled the men all around and a great many of their shots went up into the air and did us no harm.

Low Dog

bob marleys son and haile selassies grandson

were in the belmont house last night ... singing together

Mr Rohan Marley, Jah Rootz, Kelly, part of me

Haile Selassie's grandson

Kelly, Mr Marley, Nicole, Andreja

[DC] Belmont House Party TONIGHT // with DJ Alex Gold

Hey hey hey, There is a party tonight at the infamous Belmont House, and I'm spinning records. Come through and say 'Hi.' All night long ....

1830 Belmont St NW
Adam's Morgan

The unofficial after party for Hirshorn, etc. The official afterparty for bartenders in DC when they get off work.



Rohan Marley checked into the I.C.U. last night!

Y'all missed a surprise of a lifetime ....
a short set by Rohan Marley on drums and vocals including Jammin at the end of I.C.U.s set ... alongside Rootz and Zeebo

Give thanks and praises indeed.


[DC] I.C.U. this Thursday at Bossa//with DJ Alex Gold

Opening DJ set by Alex Gold

And if you haven't already, please add I.C.U. to your friends.

[DC] Benefit 4 Peru Quake Survivors//TONIGHT

Check this out. Maybe make a donation either way?


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