Apply for a Small Projects grant from DC Arts Commission

Thanks to Pink Line Project for the link.

Apply for a Small Projects Program grant from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities here. The next due date is Wednesday, April 8. Call the Arts Commission at 202-724-5613 for help in applying for this grant.

The Small Projects Program (SPP) offers quick response grants of up to $2,000 to individual artists and arts organizations. The program seeks to make grant funds more accessible for small-scale arts projects with total budget that do not exceed $4,000. Projects may include but are not limited to:

- Art presentations
- Assistance in fundraising, marketing and management
- Documentation of artistic activities through photography, brochures, portfolios and demo tapes
- Conferences, workshops or seminars that will enhance artistic and professional development

Update on The Fridge DC

First of all, thanks to all for the pleasantly surprising amount of the support, encouragement, and questions about The Fridge DC.

Every time I go out or spin (which is not too often any more) I get no fewer than 10 people offer such precious nuggets of positivity ... and believe me, it is keeping me strong during some trying (and expensive) efforts in creating a place for everyone and everything; my mission for The Fridge DC.

Now that I am beginning to see some light at the end of my tunnel (renovations, business business, and government administrative business) I wanted to offer an update on progress.

I am now about four weeks away from finishing major renovations and announcing my first few events ... now is a great time to get in touch if you are interested in being a part of art, music, and performance events at The Fridge DC in 2009. my email is alex [at] thefridgedc [dot] com.

Here are a few pix of the ashes from which The Fridge DC will rise:

[VIDEO] Cinematic Orchestra - The Man With The Movie Camera

One of my favorite music groups is Cinematic Orchestra. Several years ago they created a soundtrack for a silent film that was made in 1929.

I just discovered this video in which someone pieced the two together, though they did edit the film.

[DC] Live art Competition! DJ GOLD! This Friday! Hoooh yeah!


POR ESO!!!!!!

If you have never been to AXUM, it's really chill upstairs. Every Friday Dan and Mollie from Red Derby take over and are doing different parties.

This is the first DC Art Comp event. It will consist of 8 DC area artists squaring off from 9-12. You get to vote on your favorites, and the 'winner' gets caked up!

$7 gets you free food, and will pay for the cash prize for the artists.

A variety of DJs will be spinning throughout the night.

My new favorite movie

"Aesthetics is for me like ornithology must be for the birds."

My new favorite movie is Who Get's to Call it Art?, a wonderful documentary about Henry Geldzahler.

My dear friend David London recently gave it to me. He gives really good gifts.

He gave me this book as well:

[DC] Murals to Zora: Unique mural installation opening March 12 at 9pm

Murals to Zora: artists to commemorate
Zora Neale Hurston
with unique mural installations

Opening reception:
Saturday, March 14
9pm - 12am

2121 14th Street NW
Washington DC

Artists include a dozen or more artists, including DECOY and me, TAXI GANG.