23 hours in NYC jail + random John Perry Barlow meeting

That was Friday. Popped for getting up.

23 hours later, I decided to cheer myself up by going to the most amazing restaurant, Blue Ribbon, where none other than one Mr. John Perry Barlow himself called me an 'incarcerated artist in America' upon overhearing my tale. He is an amazing person and writer, artist and activist, whom I have admired for decades. He was with Timothy Leary when LSD was first used, and was with Mr. Leary when passed decades later. We are friends now.

Plus booked monthly residencies, last Saturdays at Studio BPM in Brooklyn, and last Sundays at Nublu.

Still love NYC more than ever.

The Fridge

Coming very soon, a new art gallery, performance space, and free art classroom for children of low-income DC residents.

8th and E ST S.E.

Shephard Fairey got up at 14th & P NW today

Apparently this is why Shephard Fairey was getting up on the outside walls at Logan Hardware earlier today. DECOY buys her paint there, and was super-fiz-gigged when she alerted me of his activities. People who work there (all DECOY fanclub members) did not know who he is, though he got permission to put these pieces up 6 months ago from the store's owner.

I first met Shephard in 1989 when he was in my friend Chase's dorm room at Parsons, visiting his pal Tony. They were making the very first 'Andre the Giant has a Posse' stickers; the ones that inspired a thousand and one bootlegs.

Shephard remembered that with me today. We chuckled. He's really nice.

Brazilian Girls last show

Sabina is pregnant.

Didi is getting married.

Aaron is a new daddy.

We's alls grows up.

Perhaps they will play again in a year or two . . .

[NYC] DJ Alex Gold at midnite this Sunday at NuBlu

I will be spinning at midnite after NuBlu Orchestra's first set, which begins at 11. Get there early to get in! Ten bucks.

56 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009